Medical translations

Medical translations

The translation of medical texts is related to the careful preparation of the translator, both in terms of content and precision of translation. In this area, the accuracy and precision of translation are the key. Thanks to them the research and results can be interpreted in a proper way, which will lead to the correct diagnosis an proper treatment.

However, medical translations are not related only to translating medical examinations and sick leaves. We are provide translations of:

  • medical publications and articles,
  • instruction manuals for devices and equipment (laboratory, medical, etc.)
  • results and documentation of clinical trials,
  • informative materials,
  • and many others.

We are aware that every medical field is related to knowledge of specific vocabulary, that’s why we are constantly expanding our knowledge in all areas:

  • psychiatry and psychology,
  • cardiology,
  • neurology,
  • oncology,
  • gynaecology and obstetrics,
  • surgery,
  • dermatology and cosmetology,
  • anatomy and physiology,
  • pharmacology and nutrition,
  • stomatology and ophthalmology,
  • and many others.