Free valuation of translations

Valuation of a translation – a price list for translations

Each time, we try to determine the price of a translation individually. Keep in mind that we offer a free valuation of translations before accepting the order. The following factors affect the price of a translation:

The language of translation – as translation theorists say, one can only translate into the mother tongue. However, most translators also deal with translations from Polish into foreign languages. Such translation, due to the greater degree of difficulty, is slightly more expensive.

Type of translated text – the matter is simple: some texts are less demanding than others. We translate texts ranging from simple to specialized and technical ones, which are full of sophisticated, scientific vocabulary. The price of the translation increases with the degree of difficulty of the text.

Number of pages – one page is 1800 characters, including spaces. The number of characters can be easily counted in MS Word using the word statistics function available depending on the version of the program in the Tools or Review menu.

Deadline – The more time we have for the translation, the smaller the cost. Of course, we are able to translate texts in an express mode, but it is related to an increase in the price of the translation.

Direction of translation Normal mode
(up to 5 pages a day)
Fast mode
(6-10 pages a day)
Express mode
(over 10 pages a day)
Polish 20 24 28
English 25 28 30

I do not chargé additional fees for translating:
• scanned documents,
• websites,
• PHP or LANG files…


In the case of new clients, the payment for translations are charged in advance. Payments can be made to an mBank account. After receiving the payment, I send the translated file immediately. It is possible to collect translations personally in Czestochowa or Zabrze. Of course, the desire for personal collection should be communicated earlier.

The above prices do not form an offer. They are only a description of the factors that are taken into account when pricing a translation from or into English. Each project is treated individually.

Translations for free!

If you run an interesting website and you need a translator, but you do not have enough financial resources you can contact me. I offer free translations in exchange for placing a link to my website.

The offer is addresses to website owners who:

  • have existed for some time,
  • register at least 300 unique visits a day.

If your website meets the given conditions, you can contact us through the contact section.